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The boots

The boots

This is a story I shared with Jen Hatmaker and wanted to share it with the whole world.  God is so good to me I could post a million praises, but this story is just really neat and God-like.

I have to tell you this story that has been such a “thing that God would do.” One week ago I was preparing for my first ever ladies retreat at Falls Creek.  The biggest thing on my mind was…”what am I going to wear?”  So I had a cute little summer dress and I thought, “Ya know those cowboy boots you have been wanting for 3 years (all of my hints to my husband obviously fell on deaf ears) would look mighty fine w/that dress.”  So I had just enough time to run to Sheplers (I had already located them and all) to buy them.  Now the reason I hadn’t purchased them earlier was b/c they cost almost $300!!  I am a shopper but I prefer my bargains in the $100 range.  So I decided that a women’s retreat (that is about Jesus) certainly warranted a nice pair of boots…a treat for my faithfulness!  ah hem So I’m driving and get about 30 minutes into the trip (I live almost an hour away from the store) and something turns me around.  I just couldn’t finish my bratty adventure. I go to the Ladies Retreat and am managing to have a good time (even w/o the boots). And then Jen Hatmaker spoke about a barefoot church… I was so moved and convicted I was bawling thru the last half of her teaching.  God has had me “in the fields eating grass with the beasts” for some time…preparing me.  Let me back up a minute.  Since I didn’t get the boots I had packed capris and flip flops…expecting warm weather.  So Saturday morning when I awoke to cold and wet I was a little upset.  I wore my flip flops and capris to breakfast, but got cold and wet!  So we went back to the cabin and I changed…I put on my pj pants (the only long pants i had) and the very nice distressed, beloved BCBG boots that I had worn to the retreat (the only closed toed shoes I had w/me).  I looked like a dork but I didn’t care, I was warm and dry. Ok back to Jen and the barefoot church…as i am sitting there convicted… crying…humbled …I hear God, “I want your boots.” Traci, “What?” God, “I want your boots.” Traci, “God what is Jen going to do w/one pair of boots?  And besides I will interrupt her.”  So I sit and as God does He brings me to a point of surrender.  So I say, “Ok as soon as I see a good time I will give my boots and anything else You want, but why?.” God, “I want your boots b/c I want your will.”
Then Jen started talking about a women’s shelter and anyone who feels led can come up and donate…so I get up and give my boots and my socks (socks were old and worn…they were for the barefoot emphasis).  Then I come back and give my bible…if anything could help someone, right?  Anyway I come home a changed person telling everyone I can tie down about what happened to me (my dad included).  And I tell them that not only had God picked me up and changed me but He was also merciful by stopping me from buying the boots that I wanted b/c if I would have, I’d have been wearing them Saturday and would no longer own them. About 3 weeks later, my dad, my faithful blessing of a dad, calls me and tells me that he had won a contest at work.  He is a salesmen and he sold the most of his stuff so he won and is getting a big bonus.  Then he tells me that he wants to buy me MY BOOTS!!!  Oh my I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I cried, I tried to tell him no.  But he said this isn’t me this is God giving you these boots and I want you to receive it like that.  WOW!!! Mentally i started thinking WWJD…I’ll take my dad’s money and give it away.  No that is not what he said…receive it as God’s gift.  Ok so I think, how awesome it will be that as I wear the boots, I have an incredible testimony every time someone says, “I like those boots.”  GOD IS GOOD! I had to share this.  I am not just praising Him b/c I got these awesome boots, but b/c He revealed a miracle to me and let me feel His awesome presence… and most importantly grew my faith and knowledge of His mighty love.
I love my boots!