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GWAP Parent Letters


Some things we discussed Friday:

Finding someone to serve in the month of November:  I don’t want to just sit in a class room and teach what Jesus wants us to do with these girls…I’d like to show them.  I have been looking for an opportunity for us to serve in the month of November.  There is great blessing when we sacrifice our wants to serve others and I sooo want to share those blessings with these girls.  I want them to see how backwards the world teaches us to gain satisfaction.  It’s not thru working hard to acquire “the good life,” but thru sacrificing and serving others and allowing God to provide us THE GOOD LIFE!!  My prayer is that from this they will crave more of it!

At this time I do not have a place of service, but am praying God will provide just what we need.   One reason is I wanted to see thoughts of the girls and you about this idea, before we commit to anyone.

Going caroling this December!  I thought it would be a great way to praise the Lord and share Him with the town.  We could meet one evening and go and sing about the new born King, then come back to the church and have hot cocoa and cookies.

I greatly desire for the families to get involved in these adventures.   To experience these things with our kiddos can be some of the best blessings for them and us!!  So the more the merrier. 

Once we discuss these ideas and make some decisions, I will post more info on GWAP Facebook and text.

Here is the Member letter I sent home with the girls in case they didn’t make home with it.

2012 First letter money, salvation

And here is a short testimony of me!  Just wanted to share with you parents who I am and where I’m coming from, and prayerfully going!!  🙂

Traci in a nutshell