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Subtly and Urgently

Subtly and Urgently


Small shifts and time.  These are the 2 biggest weapons, I believe, that Satan uses against us.  When things shift just slightly, if we notice, we think, ‘well that’s not too bad.’  And most times we don’t even notice.  This is no more evident to me than if you look back at compulsory educational history.  Something I have never done until we started homeschooling.  We began homeschooling because the Lord led us there, but since I’ve found a thick book’s worth of reasons we should have done it all along.

When you go back and look at the history of government schools you see they didn’t start out by yanking God out, or speaking directly against His teachings. As a matter of fact those in authority said we need to teach them to read so they can follow God by reading His word.  But I believe that was step one to a bigger devised plan that would slowly and subtly change the values and conscience of this nation.

Satan doesn’t come in the form of a scary devil, he comes in the form of “helpful change” or “fulfillment” (sound familiar?).   The first compulsory schools were inducted over 300 years ago.  That seems like a long time to us, but subtly they have gone from their first philosophy…to educate children so that they could read scripture to, no scripture allowed.  From a desire that seemed “good,” to a desire that is no less than wicked.  We excuse it because out of urgency we need our kids to learn to read while we do other things.  It has so subtly been introduced that we don’t even recognize the evil in it.  But with days like last week and the terrible killing of children the evil is seeping out.

Yes, we can tell ourselves that it could have happened anywhere, and that is true.  But when we subtly tell God to “stay out,” what can we expect?   Is there any other place in this world that Christians would send our young children that daily introduces them to sex, violence, anti-God teachings, idolatry, mental abuse with the authority over them being forbid to use the Lord in correcting?  We don’t let them watch R rated movies, and they only last a couple of hours, but we will send them for 8 hours a day for 12 years to watch an R rated life.

Ok, let’s move on from school.  Let’s look at marriage.  When did marriage go from parents with years of wisdom choosing spouses for their children to “get drunk in Vegas and marry the guy you just met” wisdom?  Now I know that arranged marriage sounds horrific to a nation that is all about having their choice be #1 priority.  And I’m not saying that we should return to arranged marriages bc that got abused also, but I see a lot of wisdom in it if parents are true followers of Christ.

First of all you don’t enter in with the ridiculous idea that you’ve found the perfect man/woman for you.  You don’t quit the second it gets hard or feels uncomfortable…because you expect that from the beginning!  You learn early to work through your differences and apply God’s principals to trials (assuming you had wise parents led by God in arranging your spouse).  And the only thing to govern your house is God’s teachings, because you have no preconceived notions of what to expect from Mr or Mrs Wonderful.  Now all that being said I do believe we could pick our own, if we were raised to value godly qualities and in the realization that marriage doesn’t save you, Jesus does.  But the wisdom of godly parents will still far outweigh our own, especially if we are emotionally engaged.   The problem today is our overwhelming culture (especially the 12 formidable years thru that R rated life) teaches them subtly that their is an urgency to please self.

My point is that subtly we went from one extreme to another.  And the extreme we are in now wrecks families hourly and creates selfishness beyond imagination.  And the urgency to marry that “perfect spouse” has priority over wisdom.  The subtly of the change makes it so that we can’t even really pinpoint in history where it all changed, yet it changed drastically!  It went from God ordained qualities to a big ol’ heaping help of self-service.

You don’t like my thoughts on marriage, look at child raising.  When did we go from training them to live godly to training them to be selfish, disrespectful  non-empathetic me-pleasers?  Oh maybe the subtly in their education helped here.  Parents are too busy, too self-involved and too weak because they have already been thru the indoctrination experiment and follow whatever whim seems good to them.  See how this all ties in nicely?

What about the very thing we say is our foundation… Christianity?  When did we change from a Christianity that stirs sacrifice and service from its deep indwelling of agape love to Me-anity?  A faith based on what feels good to me?  Again, two extremes and nobody really knows where it started to shift.  As a matter of fact you can’t even convince the subscribers of Me-antiy to believe they have embraces heresies!  They think it’s the faith of the apostles.  Can you imagine how Satan laughs?

My point here is not to change your view on school as much as it is to awaken in you a desire to open your eyes to the changes and take a hard look at what you live for…is it for God’s approval, or your own that gets tampered with through Satan’s lies of fulfillment?  And what are you teaching our next generation?

The generation we live in now is apparent all around us.  Look at our choice for presidential candidates or any other leadership roles, our values in what we will tolerate for education for our kids (perpetuating all of this), the feel good, easy Me-anity that runs rampant in our churches, the lack of work ethic, the lack of sacrifice, the lack of service to others, the inability to live for something bigger than self.  All qualities of the father of lies, none are qualities of Jesus.

So don’t look and think…it’s not that bad, because if you are honest you have to see that it is!  And if we want to have “change” we need to change back to the time before we embraced the subtle urgency to only please ourselves.  And do the hard work to re-teach the next generation that “easy” and “me” are not what it’s all about, nor will it make you happy or fulfilled. 

Calling sin, sin, and pure good old hard work and sacrifice rooted in the true education of God will avail much…anything less is the subtle urgency of Satan.

My heart, and yes the election…

My heart, and yes the election…


The Outstanding Public Debt as of 08 Nov 2012 at 02:40:53 PM GMT is:

$ 1 6 , 2 2 0 , 9 0 5 , 3 3 1 , 1 3 8 . 1 1

The estimated population of the United States is 313,833,599 so each citizen’s share of this debt is $51,686.32.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $3.86 billion per day since September 28, 2007! Concerned? Then tell Congress and the White House!



I just copied this from US National Debt Clock.  Since the re-election of Obama I’ve been asked why many are predicting great suffering.  As I pondered this question my mind immediately went to the fact that this president is leading this country into more anti-biblical beliefs, ways of life and general thought than any other before him.  Yet as I did a little research I learned that the voting “christians” biggest concern was money.  So I thought I’d start there.

Let’s see a glimpse of his personal money managing first.  During the last four years his wife and children have taken MANY  vacations (more than the rest of us I promise) that have cost upwards of $400,000 for just one!  How many of those he says need change and support could that have helped?

He has the highest paid staff of any other president, at about 1.4 million a year.  I don’t mean government staff…I mean those he has waiting on him and his family.  I wonder if that cut in the budget could help?  Not to mention he has Air Force One flying around on a schedule that resembles public airlines, and costs 180K an hour to fly.

By his own admonition he can’t handle finances:

“Finally, as a candidate and as president, Obama reminds us that he and his family went through tougher times earlier in their lives and sometimes struggled to handle their debts. One of the intriguing and little-known aspects of the Obamas’ life is just how much they struggled with personal debt issues well into their adult lives and after they were making six-figure incomes.”

Do we want someone running our nation, that is in grievous financial danger, who can’t manage his own debt while making 6 figures?  Michelle has talked about the days that debt collectors used to call. Using that embarrassment as a campaign stool to relate to the average American.  Ok let’s make some sense of that…instead of telling the average American that living beyond your means is wrong and that you should seek counseling, cut back and dig out of the hole you’re in and learn how to never get there again…she touts it as a badge and says ‘Yeah we know how ya feel, that’s why Barak is going to try to take from those that work and make an excess, to pay for you and I to not have to deal with it anymore.’  That is clear insight as to the philosophy of the Obama’s when it comes to money.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that his personal financial position isn’t more important to him than our country’s…and look how he handled that before he was given a free mansion, free car and plane with all expenses paid, cook, maid, food, VACATIONS etc etc etc …and after.

These are the reasons so many keep voting for him.  Most of America is living beyond their means, and now they have a president that says ‘it’s ok, we’ll bail you out…keep spending.’  Which is EXACTLY what he’s doing with our government money.  I don’t know if you have been in that place of overspending and buried in debt, but I have.  And it isn’t fun, and it isn’t fun to get out of it.  But there comes a “pay up time.”  There comes a day when you can’t borrow anymore, ya can’t spend anymore, ya can’t  rob Peter to pay Paul anymore.  And on that day you either cut spending rapidly, which means a life-style change and work furiously night and day or you drown.  Our current president is running to this day with his obsessive spending and lack of self-control and work ethic…and he’s asking you to help him by doing the same.

Look around you, do you know anyone that handles their own money poorly but runs a thriving business?  How many people do you know of that are getting calls from the collection agencies, yet are booming in business?  Someone’s business is an extension of themselves.  Keep in mind Obama’s business is your’s and my livelihood.

Step back look at what he has done to “help” America.  Think about math.  Numbers aren’t gray, they are black and white.  You can’t make 5 become 10 because it works better for you.  5 is 5 and when 5 is gone…you have nothing.

You can’t spend your way out of debt.  Narrow down the scale…if you spend 100k a year and make 20k, you need to stop spending.  It’s kinda easy when you’re honest.  However, when you need to create a smoke screen so you can continue with your agenda it can become complicated.

Our mainstream media has become propoganda, so I suggest you get more facts from other sources that soundbites from TV.  I could go into more of particulars of national money mismanagement, but I think you can get what I’m saying without the boring details.  Look around is America flourishing?  Do we still command the respect from other nations we once did?  Is the average working class enjoying life or are the kids missing their parents bc they have to work all the time to survive?  Is borrowing money going up or are people being able to pay off debts and live securely within their means?  True all of this isn’t Obama, but it’s increasing a drastic level bc of Obama.

Now let’s discuss some things that are more important to me, and seemingly less important to the general public.  abortion- killing babies, Gay marriage- an abomination to God, Obama’s bible mocking, sexual immorality- family killing, alliance with Israel- hanging on by a thread.   He is pushing all of it forward at rapids speeds.  All of it is like spitting in God’s face.

If you believe in the bible, then you know that God is not mocked.  And judgement is coming.  He will not allow a nation to increase in sin and evil and do nothing.  As in the past most people don’t see any sign of dome right in front of them therefore they think it’s crazy to believe that dome is coming.  His patience should not be mistaken for His absence.  We are treating the country that God gave our founding fathers thru grace, bc they sought a land where they could worship Him in truth, just like Adam and Eve treated the garden of Eden, just like the Israelites treated the promise land…and look where it got them.  And crazy enough they said the same thing, “Y’all are crazy, life if good here.  We have nothing to fear.  Y’all bible thumpers are just depressing and trying to keep us from having fun or knowing more.”  Don’t trust me, go read your bible and the accounts of destruction that came bc they wouldn’t listen to God’s word and follow or repent.

Now I hope I’ve shown my position of why I believe in my lifetime we will decrease in lifestyle, possibly face great persecution and Obama has been a big instrument in this.

Oh one I forgot is….my husband makes a living with guns.  If Obama takes them away not only will my family’s lifestyle change, my family will no longer be able to protect itself from the criminals that don’t care if the law says you can’t own a gun.  Again do a little research on the countries that have banned guns and say Switzerland where most families own one.  Check the crime rate, proof of common sense.

And I will end with once again saying…”God help us.”