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Our ladies bible study group!

Humble Passion

Humble Passion

As I am preparing for this summer’s church camp, I am drawn to look at the past church camps for reference on what is good…what needs improving…what I did wrong…and how to help others learn from my errors and triumphs.  As I lay sleepless doing this and asking God to show me what He sees in this, I begin to hear the words, “humble passion” over and over in my head.  And as I break each word down in my usual analyzing way, I catch it!!

Let me beckon all of you teachers of Christ to learn these words.  To adopt them as your goal.  No long look to the number of people you have led to Christ as a measuring stick, but how many did you show humble passion to?

First we must determine what we are humbly passionate about or we could get real squirrely real quick.  I’m talking about humble passion for a Jesus that would pick me up out of a gutter and love me with a tenderness I have never known.  I’m talking about a humble passion for a Savior that said, I will pay whatever price I must to have you…and did.  I’m talking about humble passion for a Lord that will watch me abuse the very grace He provides and still love me enough to correct me.  A humble passion for a Father that reminds me He values me just because I exist.  A humble passion for a conglomeration of words that never fail me and always guide me in the right direction.  A humble passion to please and love the most amazing God/Lord/Savior/Father anyone could ask for.

Ok now that we are square on what we are humbly passionate about let me now paint you a picture of that humble passion in action.  These two little words demand a balance that is not easily acquired.  When I teach or even speak I want to show the passion that makes my skin explode off of me…or maybe I should say my “fig leaf” explode off of me (see Genesis 3:7).  I want to be so authentic and vulnerable that it demands attention.  Yet I also desire the humility that can take decades to carve into my soul.  So humble that I know that the passion that leads me to action and demands attention; is NONE of me, and all of Him.  So humble that when one thing goes right I immediately praise and thank my Lord for the great power it took to use me as a facilitator of this work!

I dare you to change your goal in teaching God’s Word from how many are saved…to how many saw humble passion for God in me?  How many were not drawn to my intellect or even love; but saw the love of a Savior and the Mind of infinite wisdom?

You see we have gotten it all wrong in our quest for the American Dream.  The American Dream builds little kingdoms for ourselves.  The American Dream brings glory to my results.  How successful I am in the eyes of men become my value.  Even in ministry.  How sad.

My American Dream is that I could live humbly passionate for Christ.  I will not seek to be a martyr, nor to lead X amount to Christ.  I will not always look like the good Christian woman…because sometimes mere men cannot see my accomplishments.  I won’t often be accepted because neither was Jesus.  But my hope, my dream, my longing is to love Him with a humble passion that cannot be denied.  And when I fall to my face in His amazing presence, He will say, “Rise my good and faithful slave, you have done well and I am pleased.”

I pray teachers of The Word, this too is your goal.  And with transparent vulnerability we could love each other thru the hurt this brings.  And encourage each other to continue being humbly passionate…yes excited…bursting…and energetic to allow God to be seen in our stead.

Only by His grace.


Ladies Study


Ok I have to share what has been happening to me as I’ve been praying for a study:

First, the naturally inclined Traci immediately took over and… need I say more?  After I finished exhausting and frustrating myself, I repented and asked the Lord to give me the patience to wait on Him and thanked Him for the blessing it would be when He revealed HIS will for us.  And 2 days later without any exhaustion or frustration on my part, I was reading my daily bible reading and it happened to be Titus chapter 2.  This passage has been kinda stuck in my head for a few months.  I just figured it’s bc it is such a key passage for Christian living.  As I was reading, a casual thought just kinda passed thru my little mind that it would be really cool if we could study that.  This thought wouldn’t leave me.  So I just googled- Titus 2 women’s bible study.  As I scrolled down at the results I was almost knocked over.  The ONLY one that came up was one by Martha Peace.  Now I need to give some history about me and Martha Peace so that you can see why this is such a big deal.  About 2ish years ago, I was looking for yet another marriage book and ran across ‘The Excellent Wife‘ by Martha Peace on audio.  I downloaded it  and a couple of others.  It took a while before I got around to listening to the Martha Peace book, but once I did I was blown away!!  She used so much scripture and taught so differently than anything I had ever known.  She didn’t teach things to make me feel good, or things that sounded good but you had no idea how to implement them.  She taught things God said.  One I struggled with a lot was, it doesn’t really matter if I think my husband’s following God or not, my duty was to be kind and respond to him in a gentle way.  I didn’t think it possible until I had it right in front of me with the choice staring at me.  Thru much prayer and surrender I said, “Ok Jesus You will almost have to form my words for me and hold my attitude with Your hand, but I desire to do it Your way.”  And I did it….or rather He did it.  It changed something.  Slowly but surely “the dance” that Jeff and I had been doing became more fluid and fulfilling.  I have struggled with what a good wife is all my grown life I think.  And thru this book and God’s grace I was just beginning to really know what that was.  I tell you all of that to let you see that Martha Peace’s teachings were so instrumental in the marriage I have today, I feel she is trustworthy enough to study.   AND I don’t think it was a coincidence that she was the only one to have a study on the passage that has been on my mind for some time.   It isn’t a DVD study however.  It has some audio to go with it.  I ordered the book and the audio…the book was only like $10.   I don’t have it yet but I am anxiously awaiting it.  I am including a link for you to go check it out yourself.  I pray we all come together in choosing a study and it blesses us with growth in our womanhood!!  Read Titus 2 and then go look at this and see what you think?