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April Calendar Events


We have a great God and our Haleigh Ohl has recently become one of His!!  She gave her heart to Jesus and now is getting baptized!!  Praise Jesus!!  I have listed her baptism on the calendar I created for the month of April.  Be sure to read the side Notes.  They have some summer info on them, also some Sunday and Wednesday info so that the girls can stay in fellowship until next year!


gwap schedule april 2012

You can find more info on VBS, Kidz Kamp and weekly church on this website…

Putting God’s Word into the hearts of our kids…


I love the idea of hiding God’s word in the hearts of my girls.  Because the power in His Word is so big!!  When I am not there nor able to instuct them, I can “fall back” on that power and those words to deliver them from diaster!  Here is a great list of verses that are easily worded and able to be memorized by young children.

I totally recommend them for family worship time or just sitting around the breakfast/dinner table and enticing them with compettion to learn more verses than their parents!!   Let’s face it most of us wish we had more verses memorized, so I entice YOU!!  See how many you can learn!  🙂

I also really like this site for a lot of their information and ideas!

Have fun…and your kids will be testing you, that I promise!!  lol

Truth? Or not?


Keep on Moving


Moving forward Letters to Moms

Please go to the link to see the letters if you didn’t receive one from your daughter today.

Have a blessed day!!

“How to Study Your Bible for Kids”

“The Body Book”