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Learning from your kids is awesome!

Learning from your kids is awesome!

Today as I read my daughter’s homework, I was inspired.  I was thrilled to see such a Christ-loving heart, so I decided to share. Her true commitment is not a product of her parents, it’s a product of Christ in her.  The Lord has been so good to me, to know that your children walk in the truth…well, as the apostle John said, “There is no greater joy.”  I pray that teaching your children of the Lord is your utmost goal, so you too can have such a blessing of peace.


Journal Entry for Gracie’s reading assignment on ‘Spiritual Leadership’ by J. Oswald Sanders

Question: “Paul”, this chapter declares, “has boundless, Christ-centered ambition.” How would you describe the level of Christ-centered ambition in your life? In what areas does it express itself most clearly?

Answer: What proof do I have for my ambition for Christ? I could say that I unfailingly do my Quiet Time, but that is not the truth.  I could say that I am always Christ-like but that is not the truth. I could say that I am always so hungry to read God’s Word, but that is not the truth. I could say that I always have a listening ear and a kind, loving heart, but that is not the truth. I could say I have been apart of a hundred ministries, but that, again, is not the truth. So what is the truth?  The truth: I am evil.  I fail, and I don’t know how to fix it.   I wish I served more, I wish I lived out my passion more fully, but I don’t. And I don’t have an “organized ministry” to do so. But, when I sit and think through the day, the daily fluxes of life are enough. They may be better training than all “actual ministry” put together.  The interruptions, the aggravations, the close proximity of people constantly.  I have plenty of opportunities put to waste because of my selfish heart and malicious thoughts.  I complain in my heart “I don’t know how to be good!”  However, that, yet again, is not the truth. I do know. It is not a secret, not some hidden treasure pushed away by the currents of…anything- time, sin, lack of intellect. The simple truth is found in the open caverns of Scripture, particularly Isaiah 64:6: “…all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment;” You might be saying “That’s how to be good? That doesn’t even make sense!” But listen to more words from the same blessed Book, “for consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, so that you will not grow weary and lost heart.” (Heb. 12:3) So the way to be good is to A) recognize your total inability to save yourself and inability to be good (Isa. 64:6), and B) to “consider Him” namely Christ, who is the definition of good, and when we are saved, then, by peering into our Lord’s face, we reflect His light on the mirror of our hearts.  So, what proof do I have for ambition towards Christ? That may depend on the day if looking at my deeds, but in my heart, I have such a passion for Christ that I have scarce understanding of my lack of action in that strain.  I certainly can’t say that I have even a fourth of an “ambition for Christ” mastered, but it truly, truly is a deep desire to do right and through the working of the Holy Spirit, I have become, more or less, better at stopping when in the beginning stages of sin and turning back to Christ, oh, but how my heart is still so evil! I have such a flesh in me, one that will not leave except for the hardest blow- namely, a good time spent with my Lord. I suppose this is a weakness I should be thankful for.  Why should I be thankful for it? Well, in your weaknesses, Christ’s strength is made more visible, and it is easier to fall back on it, which, however hard, it is a blessing!  Praise the Lord for knowing what is right, for I would make so many stupid bumbles.  I could fall in despair because of that fact, but really, it is beautiful, for if I could rule with the same wisdom Christ does, what good is Christ!  But no one in the history of ever can rule with half the wisdom Christ does.  That gives me great comfort, and fills me with praise, for God is the only one that could hold me up, and He does, daily.

Praise and glory be to God!

The best way to teach…

The best way to teach…

I found this in one of the blogs I follow.  I wish I could remember where so I could give them proper credit.

Anyway I think it is an awesome assessment for anyone teaching.  And not just teaching school, but teaching their kids, teaching at church, or simply giving counsel.

Use it to study, pray the verses and hang it somewhere to remind you in those teachable moments we are to point to Jesus for their correction (allow their hearts to be changed), not punish out of frustration (temporarily stop the behavior).  *note to self*

How to teach like Jesus

I find 2 things in my roles as teacher, #1-the best way to learn is teach, and #2-teaching is a gift, use it wisely.

Happy teaching!!!

Day 60 or so and…


So I’m just reviewing in my mind how thankful I am that God’s grace has been upon me while we figure our “homeschool rhythm” out.  As I am a re-covering perfectionist I was nervous that teaching my children their entire education would trigger a relapse, and I would be educating, but it would not be the good kind.

To begin with I have to say that homeschooling thus far has been one of the best blessings God has given our family!  We love it!  It has brought us closer together, grown confidence in my kids, allowed us to live…not rush from this activity to that with little time inbetween to slow down and live in the moment (that moment that we will never get again), allowed us to nurture relationships outside our immediate family, allowed me time to nurture my husband, taught us how God spans across all subjects and grown our faith!  Wow, and that’s all happened in only about 60 days!!

Yes there will be days (and there already has been) that will make me want to pull my hair out…but honestly I was pulling my hair out way more when they were in public school and I was trying my best to make sure we did all we should do, cleaned all we should clean, served everywhere we could serve, and held tight to the home teaching I needed to do to make sure public school didn’t slip in there and educate them on things untrue or destructive to our faith.  I’m so glad God is such a genius!   And even more glad that my own humanity is not what fuels this.

I wish I could sing praises to God all day long for all that He has done for me and my family.  And when He delivers such blessings as this, I am so humbled and in love!  I fail all the time.  I lay in bed some nights and wonder if I’m teaching them enough, pushing them to hard or how I will ever teach them algebra!!  But then I step back from circumstances and look thru my God glasses and see that I’m not the one running this thing (bc if I was it would already be in the ditch), so I go to sleep, wake up, talk to The Man, get my orders and carry on.

That’s what I keep doing and He continues to be faithful.

I know there will come a day when we have to get a little more structured, spend a lot more time in studies, and plan better…but right now it’s like I was given my kids back.  It’s like I’m mom again, not the lady that manages the taxis, cooks and shops for food, the maid, the scheduling assistant, and on an on and on.  I’m mom.  That’s what I was made for.  That’s what He designed me to do.  Somewhere in the midst of life we lost the intentionalness of reaching the goal I knew we were supposed to reach.  We were being swept by the current and unaware that we were floating out to sea right along with everyone else.  And then God very lovingly opened our eyes and we paddled over to the shore, got out of the lazy river and began discovering the joys of being intentional.  We are able to put our faith in God first, our family second and everything else falls somewhere behind that.  I remember writing answers to “what my priorities are” in bible studies.  They were written correctly, but I wasn’t living what I wrote.  Now I am, at least most days!

My best days are the ones that I try to teach like Jesus taught.  He didn’t plan 30 weeks ahead with visual charts, powerpoint presentations and cue cards.  He didn’t compare His planner with all the other homeschool mom blogs and think how inadequate He was.   He looked around and saw where the need was.  Sometimes the need ran up and begged for help.  Sometimes the need lay waiting to see if He would notice.  Sometimes He was tired, hungry, thirsty and had too many emails/texts to answer…oops that’s me.  But regardless of how He felt or what may have appeared urgent at the moment He used wisdom to “intentionally” line up His priorities with those of the Father and teach the things of real value.  He saw the souls that He was teaching, not just the curriculum.  Can you feel that  moment?  The moment you realize the satisfaction of doing what  you were meant to do and watching it pay off?

Appropriately enough my worse days are the ones I have an agenda to fill them with curriculum/knowledge and not teach their souls!

This brings me to why I wanted to start this line of journaling.  I want to remember to teach their souls not fill them with knowledge.  I want our homeschooling to bring glory to God!  I want to remember the beauty in watching God correct my family and lead us down a path of awesome blessings.  I want to remember that it’s  not my hands that bring them goodness, it’s His.  I want to reassure myself one day when I re-read this that we did this because God told us to, therefore it’s up to Him to provide what we need.  I want to finish reading all those super mom blogs with this one so I know that I’m not damaging our kids bc we don’t have a garden planted yet, haven’t won the noble peace prize, nor do I even have tomorrows lessons planned, but we are doing the will of the Father.   He has brought me out of all my other fires; He will deliver me from this one, assuming I go to sleep, wake up, talk to The Man, get my orders and carry on.

Stay tuned…


So I have been so inspired to write for the last two days with no time to write.  Now as I sit here WITH time I have no thoughts!

Ok a trip around the internet to study home school curriculum has inspired me.  HOLY MOLY!!  Are you kidding me?  There is so much to review and read, learn, look-at, try…let me stop this crazy train right here!  Prayer Prayer Prayer!!

There can be no other way (besides a blindfold and a dartboard) to figure this deal out.  There is too much out there and so much of it is probably great, but I can’t get past “what do you want your child to learn?”  Is that a real question?  If you say, ‘what everyone learns,’ you’ve just dumped them back into public school.  If you say, ‘all they can,’ you’ve just sent an OCDer like me into an ocean of lists.  If you say, ‘all academics from a biblical vantage point,’ you begin wondering how much you need to learn first.

So I’ll stick to prayer and some wise words from a dear ex-school teacher friend, “stick to a developed curriculum the first year.”  Genius, she is!  Now for the Lord to convince me which one He foresees to be the best….be still and let me be God.  Yeah that is a struggle spot for a list-checker-offer like me.

An hour and a half later and I’m right back in the same spot I was an hour and a half ago.  Genius, I am not!

Exhale, pray, and go look at Pinterest.  🙂