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Learning from your kids is awesome!

Learning from your kids is awesome!

Today as I read my daughter’s homework, I was inspired.  I was thrilled to see such a Christ-loving heart, so I decided to share. Her true commitment is not a product of her parents, it’s a product of Christ in her.  The Lord has been so good to me, to know that your children walk in the truth…well, as the apostle John said, “There is no greater joy.”  I pray that teaching your children of the Lord is your utmost goal, so you too can have such a blessing of peace.


Journal Entry for Gracie’s reading assignment on ‘Spiritual Leadership’ by J. Oswald Sanders

Question: “Paul”, this chapter declares, “has boundless, Christ-centered ambition.” How would you describe the level of Christ-centered ambition in your life? In what areas does it express itself most clearly?

Answer: What proof do I have for my ambition for Christ? I could say that I unfailingly do my Quiet Time, but that is not the truth.  I could say that I am always Christ-like but that is not the truth. I could say that I am always so hungry to read God’s Word, but that is not the truth. I could say that I always have a listening ear and a kind, loving heart, but that is not the truth. I could say I have been apart of a hundred ministries, but that, again, is not the truth. So what is the truth?  The truth: I am evil.  I fail, and I don’t know how to fix it.   I wish I served more, I wish I lived out my passion more fully, but I don’t. And I don’t have an “organized ministry” to do so. But, when I sit and think through the day, the daily fluxes of life are enough. They may be better training than all “actual ministry” put together.  The interruptions, the aggravations, the close proximity of people constantly.  I have plenty of opportunities put to waste because of my selfish heart and malicious thoughts.  I complain in my heart “I don’t know how to be good!”  However, that, yet again, is not the truth. I do know. It is not a secret, not some hidden treasure pushed away by the currents of…anything- time, sin, lack of intellect. The simple truth is found in the open caverns of Scripture, particularly Isaiah 64:6: “…all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment;” You might be saying “That’s how to be good? That doesn’t even make sense!” But listen to more words from the same blessed Book, “for consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, so that you will not grow weary and lost heart.” (Heb. 12:3) So the way to be good is to A) recognize your total inability to save yourself and inability to be good (Isa. 64:6), and B) to “consider Him” namely Christ, who is the definition of good, and when we are saved, then, by peering into our Lord’s face, we reflect His light on the mirror of our hearts.  So, what proof do I have for ambition towards Christ? That may depend on the day if looking at my deeds, but in my heart, I have such a passion for Christ that I have scarce understanding of my lack of action in that strain.  I certainly can’t say that I have even a fourth of an “ambition for Christ” mastered, but it truly, truly is a deep desire to do right and through the working of the Holy Spirit, I have become, more or less, better at stopping when in the beginning stages of sin and turning back to Christ, oh, but how my heart is still so evil! I have such a flesh in me, one that will not leave except for the hardest blow- namely, a good time spent with my Lord. I suppose this is a weakness I should be thankful for.  Why should I be thankful for it? Well, in your weaknesses, Christ’s strength is made more visible, and it is easier to fall back on it, which, however hard, it is a blessing!  Praise the Lord for knowing what is right, for I would make so many stupid bumbles.  I could fall in despair because of that fact, but really, it is beautiful, for if I could rule with the same wisdom Christ does, what good is Christ!  But no one in the history of ever can rule with half the wisdom Christ does.  That gives me great comfort, and fills me with praise, for God is the only one that could hold me up, and He does, daily.

Praise and glory be to God!