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Grace from man or God?


A dear friend set off a question that I have been seeking the answer to today. I was in the midst of writing a blog post when I read an article that answered my questions and made the points that my mind was landing on. So I decided to skip my blog post because I had no new information and post the article.

I hope this might help others get a better view on this beautiful doctrine of God’s amazing love and be able to apply it correctly because cheap grace is just as dangerous as legalism.

I do want to point out for those who don’t like to click on the longer article…grace is not freedom from duty. It is not letting others off the hook from their sin, it is not tolerating sin so you don’t have to make someone angry, it is not a get out of jail free card for all the things we don’t want to have to study, deal with or change. Grace is from God not men. As I have gleaned today, man’s use of grace is applying the grace God has supplied to christians to use their gifts to serve others.

Too often we say “grace” when we are really talking about what Bonhoeffer describes as, “cheap grace” in this article. This confuses the lines and muddies the water so that true seekers are quieted and truth is lost.

Grace holds us to a higher standard than the law, the law says, “Don’t kill,” grace says, “Don’t hate.” Living holy is hard and requires a lot of uncomfortable-ness, but it is commanded, not suggested. We are given grace so that we will live holy.

I am all about loving others, but defining terms is getting more and more necessary as the world has redefined even the church’s definitions of these crucial words. Love means sacrificing for the good of others, not keeping peace or even being non offensive. The gospel is offensive to many, but it is pure, undefiled, grace filled, love.