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How I learned to speak in tongues, and then never do it again Part II

How I learned to speak in tongues, and then never do it again Part II

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The days passed and the months came. The dissapointments had taken a spiritual toll on me and I began to withdraw myself from Church functions and other ecclesial events. I had become a youth leader at the Church I was attending. Whereas initially I had been  outwardly enthusiastic and committed, inside my mind was roiling. I began to grow non-committal and distant. I was the one guy who didn’t speak in tongues. I was the one guy who couldn’t get it together. I was singled out by the Lord as unworthy of his gift and unworthy to communicate with him in this manner. Hell, I probably wasn’t even saved. The impact that had on me was devastating, and it meant I had to live a lie for a long time.

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This article just got posted this morning over at one of my favorite blogs, The Pulpit & Pen.  It is a short analysis of what Joel Osteen likes to talk about most and it proves to be interesting although not surprising.  If you think Joel likes to talk about Jesus, well… he doesn’t.  If you’re interested go take a look at the article on the original site – CLICK HERE.  It kind of made me think of 1st John 4:3…

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