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How to become a child of God

How to become a child of God

I pray this falls on humble hearts and open ears.  God bless Your holy word.

How does one trust in Jesus?

I believe we are all born with a yearning inside, every one of us, for The Creator.  Some try to fill that yearning with different things (money, men/women, kids, knowledge etc.).  But the only thing that fits that empty spot inside us is Jesus.  And He promises in His word that He will reveal Himself to every man.  “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse”  Romans 1:20.  This is the work of the Holy Spirit calling you, applying pressure to seek God.  I believe the next step in coming to know that you need Jesus is seeing Jesus and God for who they are.  Once we know who God is and what He did thru Jesus, and I mean know and believe with our heart…we can’t help but call out to Him because we see our sins and life compared to a perfect God, a perfect God that loves us, and we are humbled.  Thru that humility our heart is softened, our pride is gone, our need is exposed and we are ready to accept the sacrifice Jesus made for us.

So let me tell you a little about who God is.  He created all.  I mean all.  Read the first 2 chapters of Genesis (first book of the bible), and see how He did it.  He just spoke it and it happened.  I mean literally said, “Let there be light” and it was so.  If He can just speak things into existence then how could we ever question His ability to handle us or our lives?  In Romans 5:8 it says, “Christ died for us while we were still sinners. This demonstrates God’s love for us.”  So think about this…He loved us while we were spitting on Him, beating Him with an instrument designed to rip flesh off, lying about Him, rejecting His love, slapping Him, humiliating Him, turning our backs to His pain and ultimately killing Him, yet He had the power to speak whatever He wanted and it would happen?  I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time loving someone that has only lied about me, and if I had that kind of power…wow would I be dangerous.  So let your mind sit in this place for a minute…yeah, He loves you that much.

His love for us is beyond what we can comprehend, His power is beyond what we can imagine, and His patience is beyond human possibility.  So that is God in a very small nutshell.  He loves us, He is capable of anything, and He is perfect.  I don’t measure up…I don’t even qualify to get on the scales.

This is the part I was saying humbles you.

(“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” James 4:10)

Now for the next step in this process…  Once you see yourself against the backdrop of God’s perfection and realize that you are not worthy, or able to be in His presence, you have to realize that there is way to be His child.  He made that way thru suffering and enduring.  Romans 6:23 tells us that the cost to pay for your sin and mine is death.  That’s it.  There is no other way.  I still stand empty.

Ok here’s the suffering and enduring part, Jesus which is God in human form came to this earth thru a virgin birth walked with us for 33 years without committing a single sin.  During that time He revealed a way of life that was fulfilling and satisfying to that emptiness in our soul.  Then He willingly allowed us to beat, spit, humiliate, reject, slap, and kill Him.  This was the price for our sin.  This was the death that was required.

I want to let that sink in a minute…

Ok now here’s the rest of Romans 6:23…”but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  Three days later He was resurrected.  Showing and proving that He was God.  Showing and proving that He loves us more than we can understand.  He endured death and came back to pay for our sins so that we could spend eternity with Him once we trust Him with our souls and life and accept His gift of payment.  John 14:6 says, “Jesus answered him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one goes to the Father except through me.’  Romans 4:24 says, “but also for us. Our faith will be regarded as God’s approval of us who believe in the one who brought Jesus, our Lord, back to life.”  “He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.”  1 John 5:12

Now you know.  It’s simply but not easy.  It’s a gift accepted thru weeping and sorrow, but it’s a gift we could never get ourselves.  It’s forever.   It’s not just words, thru our love and dedication to Him it’s a life change.  How could it not be?

Now you stand in a place to make a decision…will you see yourself as He sees you?  Will you humble yourself enough to trust Him?  Will you accept or reject Him?  Will you make your own way that leads to hell?  Or will you call out for Him and accept His way to heaven?  He wishes for all men to be saved (1 Timothy 2:4), what do you wish?

How does one trust in Jesus

When I awake

When I awake

When I awake, I long to see Your holy, blessed face,

When I awake, I praise You for the gift of breath I take,

When I awake, I take Your Word and fill my empty soul,

When I awake, I pray for strength to reach Your holy goal,

When I awake, my eyes can see Your beauty in the stars,

When I awake, the steps I take are by Your mighty charge,

When I awake, a new day waits to see the choice I make,

When I awake, both dark and light hunger for my fate,

When I awake, there is new hope and mercy that abounds,

When I awake, Your precious grace leads me to new ground,

When I awake, I lay the saints and sinners at Your feet,

When I awake, I thank You God for daily bread to eat,

When I awake, I rest in awe of the blessings that still sleep,

When I awake, there’s peace to find to fill the gnawing deep,

When I awake, my life is given brand-new breath to breathe,

When I awake, there’s another soul, searching to fill their need,

When I awake, I pray I find the heart that needs to trust,

When I awake, I pray dear Lord I lead them to Your cross,

When I awake, I pray I see the Savior in the clouds,

When I awake, that day to hear the trumpet sounding loud,

When I awake, I pray I lay before You many crowns,

For when I awake, the sight I’ll see is heaven all around.

Ladies Prayer Meeting


Come and join us for

Women’s Prayer Meeting



Beginning September 10th, 2012 @ 7:30am

we will be hosting a 15-20 minute time to gather as women and pray.

As busy moms, wives and women we need the strength of the Lord to enable us to shine His glory in all aspects of our life.  I believe a huge part of that is prayer.  I would like to welcome you to a time we can join as women of all ages together at His altar and ask to be filled with His Spirit, worship Him for all things good, and intercede for others.  Even for just a short time I believe taking these moments to connect with the King will bless our lives.

We will meet each month on the first Monday of the month unless otherwise noted.

1 Corinthians 14:15 What am I to do? I will pray with my spirit, but I will pray with my mind also; I will sing praise with my spirit, but I will sing with my mind also.



So yesterday I haImaged the privilege of spending some time learning about the interest of two little girls I consider my “adopted daughters.”  They are into showing sheep.  And I knew nothing (and still don’t know much) about this sport.  I watched and tried to learn, but I think one needs more than what the eye can see to understand.  As I asked some questions and started to get a small understanding of what was going on, a bigger thought came to me.  Jesus called us sheep many times in the bible, so I started observing the sheep and their characteristics, because I wanted to see what Jesus thinks of us.  It doesn’t take long to be around sheep to start getting the idea that they are pretty oblivious to what is going on around them.  And that they are very vulnerable and easily “handled.”  I don’t mean that they mind well or that it was easy for my 9-year-old “adopted daughter” to make them behave.  What I mean is for a larger animal she was able to push it where she wanted it to go and get a hold of its head to get control of its will (you might be starting to see where I’m going).

Myself, being an animal lover, wanted to look into the eyes of the sheep to see if more was going on than what appeared.  As I searched the eyes of some of these animals I really didn’t see a lot of depth.  I saw that they were maybe a bit frightened.  I saw that they were concerned with the baaa-ing of the other sheep.  I saw that they paid too little of attention to their care-givers.  I saw that they tried to escape from their owners.  I saw that they didn’t really have a long view of their day, they seemed to be pretty short-sighted.  I also noticed that they would give way to almost any that decided to gain control and lead them.  There was very little resistance to switching leaders, regardless if that leader was a child or a seasoned sheep owner.  If there was any resistance, it seemed to be purely impulse and not due to loyalty to a particular handler.  They seemed quite impulsive period.

As I sought to put application to these findings I was both humbled and disappointed in us.  Let’s face it, many of these characteristics are easily seen in us humans towards our Shepherd.  Sheep are sheep, God didn’t create them to be genius’, but they are very much a picture of our obliviousness to what is going on in our world, and the perspective we too many times have about why we exist.

It was a neat thing to watch my “girls” ‘do their thang’ with these sheep.  I love being a part of their lives and seeing my naturally born daughters experience new things with their friends.  However, as I was reminded thru these animals of my inadequacy, I did feel sad that this is the view our Lord has of us.  In my mind I was hoping He saw a faithful steed, or a loyal “man’s best friend” for those that truly were seeking to follow Him…not a vulnerable, easily swayed, short-sighted sheep.

On the other side of the fence, however, were ‘sheep-people.”  The people showing, leading and caring for these sheep didn’t care that they had lack of depth.  They loved ‘doing their thang.’  They didn’t need loyalty, great intelligence or strength from these animals to make them want to care for them.  They didn’t seem to need anything from them except that they be.  The sheep’s value was not in what they produced so much as it was in what they were in the sight of their owners and judges.  Now this application was uplifting.

As I apply those characteristics of the “shepherds” to our Great Shepherd (our Owner and Judge), I was overwhelmed with thankfulness.  Happy to be loved not for what I produce but just because I be.  We only need trust in our Savior to be one of His sheep.

I also got a new understanding for the verse Roman 1:20 “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and deity; so that they are without excuse:”  When we are looking with the right desire we can see God and His plan everywhere, all around us, and in all things He created.  I pray for those who are not His sheep, to look around, call out to Him, know that He desires to be your Shepherd and you to be His sheep.  But unlike the literal sheep, we have to make a decision to depend and trust on Him in order to be in His flock, because He desires His sheep to love Him back thru acknowledgement of His unconditional love for us.

Thank You Father for allowing me to “have eyes to see” and for the fellowship of friends to take me to new places.

May your Sunday be blessed with “eyes to see” and fellowship with the brethren to be taken to new places.