Praise and Worship Lyrics


Praise song lyrics multipleWe are going to some more praise and worship this Friday and I will have the lyrics at church, but I thought if anyone wanted what I had I would post them here so you could print them off.  I am also sending 2 CD’s full of awsome music to keep them plugged in this summer!

Music can open the heart…what better than to input Jesus into an open heart!!

(Click here for several, or on the pics for those specific songs.)

Praise song lyrics multiple

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This is me trying new things, yet hoping it doesn't overwhelm me! I am a disciple of God, wife and mom. I love Jesus and what He's done in my life. I love being a stay-at-home mom, I couldn't imagine any other life. I have a great husband that works hard in all things he does (well maybe not at picking up his We have two amazing girls that grow me, stretch me and sometimes break me!! God is our center and we have no where to go but up!!

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