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So I have been so inspired to write for the last two days with no time to write.  Now as I sit here WITH time I have no thoughts!

Ok a trip around the internet to study home school curriculum has inspired me.  HOLY MOLY!!  Are you kidding me?  There is so much to review and read, learn, look-at, try…let me stop this crazy train right here!  Prayer Prayer Prayer!!

There can be no other way (besides a blindfold and a dartboard) to figure this deal out.  There is too much out there and so much of it is probably great, but I can’t get past “what do you want your child to learn?”  Is that a real question?  If you say, ‘what everyone learns,’ you’ve just dumped them back into public school.  If you say, ‘all they can,’ you’ve just sent an OCDer like me into an ocean of lists.  If you say, ‘all academics from a biblical vantage point,’ you begin wondering how much you need to learn first.

So I’ll stick to prayer and some wise words from a dear ex-school teacher friend, “stick to a developed curriculum the first year.”  Genius, she is!  Now for the Lord to convince me which one He foresees to be the best….be still and let me be God.  Yeah that is a struggle spot for a list-checker-offer like me.

An hour and a half later and I’m right back in the same spot I was an hour and a half ago.  Genius, I am not!

Exhale, pray, and go look at Pinterest.  🙂

About tracidanker

This is me trying new things, yet hoping it doesn't overwhelm me! I am a disciple of God, wife and mom. I love Jesus and what He's done in my life. I love being a stay-at-home mom, I couldn't imagine any other life. I have a great husband that works hard in all things he does (well maybe not at picking up his We have two amazing girls that grow me, stretch me and sometimes break me!! God is our center and we have no where to go but up!!

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